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Superfood Energy Balls for Everyday Enjoyment. 

Healthy. Delicious. Sustaining. 


sustainable ingredients

Our Energy Balls are made from sustainably sourced, nutrient-rich, whole food ingredients. Our products are 100% natural, and we go to great lengths to to ensure each and every ingredient we use is grown, distributed and combined in the most mindful manner, maintaining all the natural goodness. The main ingredients in our Superfood Energy Balls are: deglet dates, cashews, almonds, coconut and chia, plus acai, blueberries, strawberry, rosehip, raw cacao and green tea extract.  


Our energy balls

Rich in plant protein, dietary fibre and a great source of sustained energy, our Superfood Energy Balls make for an ideal breakfast on the go, pre-during-post activity fuel, or anytime snack. 100% natural, cold pressed, and free from dairy, wheat and refined sugars.  Each pouch comes with four perfect snack-sized Energy Balls, with a handy re-seal zip, so you can enjoy them throughout your day, or all at once!


About Sarah

Originally from Australia, where a love of fresh food and the outdoors is deeply embedded in the country's culture, Sarah is known for her creative and inspired approach to health-focused cooking, and her calm and relaxed persona. As a self taught Chef, with more than 10 years experience, Sarah's style of cooking focuses on fresh ingredients, vibrant flavours and balanced nutrition. After years of travelling with her work, cooking from many improvised kitchens along the way, Sarah's attention is now on The Bondi Kitchen.  Sarah believes in sustainable health; a balanced approach to healthy eating that is achieved through mindfulness. Creating time and space to listen to your body, eating foods that nourish and sustain, with as minimal impact on the environment as possible. 


About The Bondi Kitchen

Created by Australian-born and London-based holistic Chef, Sarah Sugden, The Bondi Kitchen range is inspired by the active, outdoor lifestyle that is so closely linked with Bondi, Sydney’s iconic urban beach, and Sarah’s Australian home. 

The Bondi Kitchen is based in London, UK and our products are made locally. We work with a tribe of passionate, sustainable-health focused people who help distribute and stock our products throughout England and greater Europe. Our products are also available in Spain, Germany and Sweden and soon to be available in the U.A.E. 

We are always on the look out for wonderful people to collaborate with.